Photo A Day: Dear God What Is That Thing

In honor of getting a new camera and needing a reason to play with it…welcome to my Photo A Day! Topic: Whatever strikes my fancy. Frequency: Daily-ish. I hope.

It looks so...angry. Hungry? No, angry.
It looks so…angry. Hungry? No, angry.

The other day, when the sun finally shone and the weather was warm, I took a tour of the estate to evaluate how it was handling the winter. Meaning, I walked around the back yard and looked for interesting stuff to photograph.

“Estate” sounds so much more swanky than “back yard”, no? I say these things with my pinky up, because affectations.

Anyway. There. Growing in the bushes. There is some vine-y, spiky plant-beast that I am fairly certain is waiting until my guard slips so it can devour me in the night. Have you ever seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers? (The fun and cheesy 1956 version, not the generally hopeless 1978 doomsday remake.) That’s what I’m thinking this cellulose-based monster is, which is why I look at insomnia as a blessing rather than a curse. #EverVigilant (If you watch the movie you’ll get that joke.)

OK, fine, fine, fine fine fine. I agree. It’s probably not an alien proto-me body snatcher pod, but seriously. What is that thing?

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