Snowmageddon, With Birds

Hey, folks. I know, I”ve been MIA. Again. I had issues. Time to move on.

So, it is snowing like CRAZY here; this is the most snow I have seen in a long time, not counting driving through snowy areas I don’t live in but am visiting in winter. And the birds are going berserk at my neighbor’s feeder in her back yard.

Bye, lady!

I mean, what have we got here? A crow, a few chickadees…are those wrens?…one female cardinal in the bush and another one in flight. It’s a bird cornucopia.

Hello, lady.

Finally, the lady cardinal gets a little bit of peace and quiet.


Meanwhile, the cardinal mister was busy chasing chickadees away from the other feeder.

We cool, right? *Not looking at you*

Birds, it seems, can coexist peacefully at the same feeder, so long as they pretend the other one is nowhere in sight.

Mmmm, suet.

Red-bellied woodpecker chows down.

Interlopers. EAT MY CASTOFFS!

Woodpecker contemplates the other birds. They’re OK so long as they stay down there.

Fine. You guys can eat too.

Finally, the lady cardinal relents. Dark-eyed junco can eat, so long as it stays over there. Though I do think she’s giving him a little bit of stinkeye.

I still can’t believe I am enjoying watching birds.

Stay safe and warm and inside, if you are getting hit with this foot-and-a-half of snow. Enjoy your food, erryboddy!

2 thoughts on “Snowmageddon, With Birds

  1. Lots of Juncos (slate colored), purple finches, chickadees,sparrows and occasional tufted titmouse, cardinal, red bellied woodpecker at ours as well. Had one blue jay today. Had a sharp shinned hawk checking out the little birds a few weeks ago.


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