Photo A Day: Up On The Roof

In honor of getting a new camera and needing a reason to play with it…welcome to my Photo A Day! Topic: Whatever strikes my fancy. Frequency: Daily-ish. I hope.

I’ll get this photo a day thing together eventually. Or not. Anyway.

It has been super gray and…gray…just gray here lately, so I am going through my archives, pulling out photos I haven’t gotten to yet. Which is fun.

So here’s the scenario: These two photos are from the roof of the YMCA in Milton, PA. I don’t normally go running around on the Y’s roof but it was HOTTTTTTTT and the air conditioner was in the process of getting fixed so for a week or two we kept the door to the group exercise room propped open during class so we did not all die of heat stroke. That door opens onto the roof.

Naturally, I brought my camera with me one day. Because camera and reasons, and how often do you get the chance to photograph a fern growing out of a clay roof tile? (Hint: if you are me, not often.)

Say hello to nature’s tenacity.

Ferns grow in the darndest places.

And then there’s this.

Going down?

Important tip: If you need to use this railing, have tweezers nearby. Splinters are inevitable.

I haven’t had a reason to visit the roof since then. Which is fine, really, but man, it was an interesting way to spend about an hour. And it’s amazing how a change in vantage point will give a person a whole new understanding of her environment.

So what are you waiting for? Find a new perch, and look around with fresh eyes.

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