Photo A Day: Cathedral Ledge, New Hampshire

To try and keep me honest in posting my photos regularly: Welcome to my Photo A Day! Topic: Whatever strikes my fancy. Frequency: Daily-ish, I hope.

During a recent trip to Maine to visit some dear friends, George and I took a ride with our wonderful hosts to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I mean, why not? They were only an hour-ish away.

We decided to head for the hills even though the weather report had been promising a day full of rain, for most of the previous week. But you know…why not? If it rained, we figured, we wouldn’t melt, and we’d find something else to do. If it didn’t rain, who wanted to have that missed opportunity? Happily for us, the universe was on our side that day, and we ended up at Cathedral Ledge on a day that exuded surreal beauty, like it was pulled out of a time capsule of stylized post cards from the 1950s.

It was a lot like this. Only without the yellow lettering.

To sum up: It. Was. Gorrrrrrgeous. Apparently Cathedral Ledge is quite the climbing spot if you take the tricky way up, but for those of us who drive (what can I say? I’m a rider, not a schlepper, and I’m certainly not one of those hybrid mountain goat people who can scale rocks with ease, but I digress), it’s an easy ride/park/easy hike, as long as you don’t mind the blasted black flies. You’ve heard about the flies in the summer in Maine and New Hampshire? Yes. It’s all horrific and swarming and bitey and true.

Note to self: Go back in September, when it’s still warm-ish but there are no flies.

If you look toward the right side of the ledge, you get to feast your eyes on a beautiful rock face and mountain ridge line. Bonus: I get to hang out with the groovy hippies in the photo.

Not to brag, but chances are we had more fun than you did that day. Maybe not. But we had super-fun.

And that just the first part of the morning. The days are long in Maine and New Hampshire in June, and we used every second of it.

I can’t wait to go back.

Also, here is the first photo, without its looking like some hyperstylized post card from the 1950s.

Good gravy, what a day!

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