Photo Of The Day: Welcome to…Somewhere, Milton, PA

Photo Of The Day: Today is a day, and I am posting a photo. Theme: Whatever strikes my fancy.

Editor’s note: I am clearly…clearly…in my black & white period. Now, where’s my turtleneck?

If you’re into old buildings with hints of history clinging to them, then Milton, PA is the place for you.

This building–abandoned, empty–sits right across the street from the Milton YMCA, and I often think there’s something compelling about it. I really want to go in some day and listen to the echoes as I watch the dust sparkle in the light from murky glass doors. Of course, that’s the romanticized version, and I’m sure stepping around rat poo while doing the OMIGOD I JUST STEPPED IN A SPIDER WEB dance is closer to reality.

Still. The building welcomes me. Welcomes everyone. I mean, the entrance is clearly marked. To…?

Entrance to where? You tell me. I dunno.

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