Photo Of The Day: An Alley in Rome

Photo Of The Day: Today is a day, and I am posting a photo. Theme: Whatever strikes my fancy.

As I look more at this photo, I have started to question whether or not this qualifies as an alley. The long walls end in a door, they don’t open to another street on the other side. It looks a little too clean. Fine. It’s more of an alcove, or maybe an open-air foyer, though “A Foyer in Rome” doesn’t sound nearly as romantic and possibly seedy.

If memory serves, this is somewhere near the Trevi Fountain, though I could be wrong. If you’re interested in looking for random alcovey places in Rome I think it was cattycornered to the left of the fountain, but Rome is so picturesque you can probably find something like this just about anywhere. Of course, what you can’t find is that central window, the blue one reflecting the cast-iron street lamp. It also reflects the building directly across from it, only visible in the window. That part of Rome is all mine, courtesy of luck putting me in the right place at the right time.

I also confess to digging hard on the motorcycle in front, though I’d love it slightly more if it were a Vespa.

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