Big Beautiful World 11 — Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, NH

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Let’s stop trying to screw it up. 

We went to Maine this past summer to visit friends and, one day, took a jaunt westward into New Hampshire. Why? Because it was there. It was indeed a gorgeous way to spend the day, and one of the things we did was stop for an afternoon cocktail and eye-feast at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods.

Why, you may wonder, does Bretton Woods sound familiar? Because in 1944, at the end of World War II, delegates from around the world convened in this very hotel to determine the direction of post-war economic policy. During the Bretton Woods meetings, the global leaders established (among other things) the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which now has a membership of 189 countries (of the world’s 195 countries, total) and still aims to keep the world’s economy moving and grooving. And it all started right here, in li’l ol’ Bretton Woods, NH.

This was taken from the veranda overlooking the back lawn and the White Mountains. The sun would occasionally break through and warm up the lower ground but the clouds kept their grip on the mountaintops. It was glorious.

It looks kind of like a wave breaking, doesn’t it?

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