Big Beautiful World 32 – Day Lily, Washington, DC

Here is today’s visual feast. Please enjoy the world responsibly.

We just got back from a short trip to Washington, DC. Until recently we have had lovely, temperate weather around here (DC is only 3 hours away by car, and we often experience the same sort of weather patterns, but I digress). This weekend, as soon as our intention was to walk around outside..? It was like walking around in a bowl of hot soup, and I’m not talking about the political climate.

We ended up shade-hopping, bouncing from shady spot to shady spot, which in turn led us to Bartholdi Park, a beautiful little oasis of tables with umbrellas and fountains and flowers, right across the street from the US Botanic Garden Conservatory. While I couldn’t have stayed there indefinitely–I mean, a girl needs food–it’s a lovely spot to spend a little while in, escaping from the sun.

Carpe daylily.

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