Big Beautiful World 33 — Restaurant Remains, Milton PA

Here is today’s visual feast. Please enjoy the world responsibly.

Travel Route 405…north? Nord? Sjeverno? Kumpopo? What? It’s not like I get directions beyond “right” and “left”, and if I were an explorer I would have died in the wilderness long ago…from Lewisburg, PA  to neighboring Milton. Look to your left as you pass one of the strip malls along the way and you’ll see the overgrown skeleton of some kind of old snackery, deserted these last good-lord-who-knows-how-many years at least.

I’ve been driving past this spot a few times a week for the last two years and have wanted to stop almost from day one, because bricks! And no roof or windows! And overgrown weeds! It called to the 12-year-old in me, and it was all I could do not to climb things. Cool, right?

I stopped there to see what I could see, and despite having to pick my way around a whole lot of poison ivy I dug the sight. I have no idea why this place shut down, but what remains beckons a story. Someone worked here, people ate here, at some point someone probably loved this place. I’m partial to the exit sign (and the no smoking sign, not visible in this photo) still in place, ever vigilant.

Home style cooking, just like Mom stopped making a long time ago.

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