Big Beautiful World 37 – Angels + Good Lighting

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Please enjoy it responsibly.

The funny thing is, when I travel, I spend more time in churches than I ever do at home, but I already digress.

When in Paris, go to the Basilica at Sacre Couer. Do you need other reason than that it is GORGEOUS? Allrighty, then. It’s located in Montmartre, which is a fun and groovy little section of Paris. There’s tons of shopping nearby and a funky little carousel in the plaza in front of the church, for the kiddos. And if you go to Sacre Couer you might get to meet this fat-n-sassy French kitty, who lives in the verdure outside the church.

I shall call him Clawed LeMew and both love and hate myself for this joke.

But if you have the time and the line out front isn’t altogether daunting (it pays to travel in the off-season, FYI), go inside the cathedral. Even when there are crowds the weight of the stone walls generates its own stoic serenity. It’s grand and dimly lit and if you time it right, you can see an angelic statue catch the sun coming in through the stained glass…

…and then you get ethereal lighting.

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