Big Beautifu…HELL NO! Worst. Hotel. Art. EVER.

While I think we need to enjoy our beautiful world responsibly, I also think we owe it to one another to point out when things are egregiously wrong. 

Listen. I want to make it clear that we had a VERY nice stay in the Microtel Inn & Suites in Penn Yan, NY. The hotel was spotlessly clean, the staff were friendly and helpful and professional, the mattress was comfy, and I liked how the rooms were laid out. Yes, our room was smallish (note the term “Micro” in the name), but the room designers clearly had put a lot of thought behind the design, and we didn’t want for storage or amenities.

But the art on the wall…

I have never been made irrationally angry by hotel room art before. Usually the art in a hotel room is pretty-ish but benign–banal, even–and hung with the intent to amuse the eye rather than having visitors stare at a blank wall.

But this.


At first I thought, I guess it’s lava? But we were at Keuka Lake, which is a place with a tremendous amount of natural beauty but no volcanoes in sight, so it didn’t make sense to me that there would be a photo of explosive lava. Then it didn’t make sense to me that it was a photo of the ocean, and not the glorious, gorgeous, highly-visited lake about a quarter-mile down the road that most of the guests were coming to see. Then I realized the “lava” was composed of scribbly red slashes. You know, like you’d do if you were suddenly overcome with anger at a photograph and wanted to destroy whatever sentimentality it held for you.

Here’s a bit of a close up. Sorry about the reflection from the window.

Here’s my scenario. The artist had an enlargement of a photograph of the spot where he or she got engaged, hanging on their living room wall. When their beloved broke their heart, the artist descended into a Mad Dog 20/20-fueled fit of lovelorn rage and took red paint to their photo, destroying all thoughts of love or happiness along the way. The next day, looking at the defaced photo, the artist took it to the trash and leaned it against the bin…which is when the Microtel people showed up, plucking it from the dumpster pile of sadness and hanging it in the Penn Yan franchise, in room 319.

Honestly, if we were staying another night I would have asked to switch rooms.

The next day, this meme showed up in one of my friend’s Facebook feeds and I thought…well, the gods of Facebook memery get it.

Serendipity in action.

The world is too pretty for this sort of poor judgment to continue. Microtel people: If you need a photo of Keuka Lake, CALL ME. Or contact one of the million and nine other people who have beautiful pictures of the area. But please, get rid of this travesty before you emotionally scar more guests.

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