Big Beautiful World 52 – Winter “Bloom”, Colorado Springs

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Please enjoy it responsibly.

When I attended my niece’s wedding in Colorado Springs, this little beauty was right outside my hotel room door. Colorado Springs is kind of scrubby and desert-ish, and the grounds behind my hotel were manicured and nice enough, I suppose. But a little flaccid. The last thing I expected to see was something that amused my eye so much. I don’t know what this flower was in high bloom–some kind of sunflower? Daisy? A western-US flower I don’t know anything about? (Any of the above are possible in my world; I am not a plant girl.) But I loved how, even in the winter, it held a sort of forlorn beauty.

OK, so it’s more of a husk than a bloom, but “winter husk” doesn’t hold as much poetry, does it?

Keep your eyes open. There is unanticipated beauty everywhere.

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