Big Beautiful World 53 – Ice Storm, Lewisburg PA

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Please enjoy it responsibly.

Yesterday ran the gamut of winter precipitation. Snow? Check! Sleet? Check! Freezing rain? Double-check! On the one hand, days like this are inherently bad. Roads are slick and driving is dangerous; my car zigged when I wanted it to zag–twice–on my very short ride back from my job, and I got to watch someone turn lazy circles in their Volvo station wagon in an attempt to make a left out of a parking lot. He didn’t hit anything, so yay, and bonus! He was in a Volvo, so I knew he would be safe. But I digress. Even walking is unpleasant, because sidewalks are slick too, and every step has to be careful and slow. Besides, who wants to walk in freezing rain? I don’t like to be cold OR wet. This delivers both. Pass.

With all that said, sometimes a stroll outside in all that weather is worth it.

Market St. in the freezing rain.

And today? It’s turning into one big slushy mess. At least we have this one moment, frozen. C’est la vie.

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