Big Beautiful World 63 – Magnolia Bud, Lewisburg, PA

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Please enjoy it responsibly.

In a tiny little town there’s an alley that runs sideways to a tree-lined street. It’s not a scary alley or a dark and narrow alley but rather, it’s breezy and rustic and reassuringly open, and a lawn with the most incredible magnolia tree runs right along its side.

Don’t ask me what variety of magnolia it is; there are a bunch of them and I am not a plant person. I only know it’s not the big waxy southern kind. Moving on.

Spring in this tiny little town is the thing all springs ought to be made of. The weather fluctuates, sure, but generally during the days we experience gentle warming while the nights are still cold enough to call for hot chocolate. And the town is filled with flowering trees that for a few glorious weeks explode open and, pollen aside, make it look like a petal-strewn fairyland.

And so I am watching the magnolia and waiting for the flowers to open. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Any minute now. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Stay safe. Stay close to home. Don’t go visit your family or friends right now, no matter how much you miss them. Wash your hands. And take a few moments to enjoy the world, because it really is an amazing place when you stop to look.

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