Big Beautiful World 66 – Lady Miss Cardinal, Lewisburg, PA

It’s a big, beautiful world out there. Please enjoy it responsibly.

I’ve come to love female Northern cardinals more and more as I watch birds. Sure, the males are super-striking, but the females, with their creamy gold bodies and red accents, and bright red beaks, and cute tufty mohawks, are quietly gorgeous and usually underappreciated. Which makes me love these avian underdogs even more.

This queen set herself up in my back yard last night, and framed herself quite prettily in a tangle of butterfly bush and pussy willow.

Yes, my queen.

Fun fact! That pussy willow has spread from a willow we planted on the other side of the yard, clipped from my Aunt Jean’s tree. Aunt Jean has since passed away, but it warms my heart that this gift she gave us keeps giving.

Hope you’re all holding up in the era of COVID-19. Wash your hands! Don’t go out unless you need to! Work on your favorite hobby! Stay the course! See you on the flip side. XOXO

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